Convertible Unbranded Pizza Bag

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  • Keep your food piping hot with this unique convertible delivery bag, specially designed for delivering pizzas
  • PIZZA DELIVERY: Large enough for 2 x 18 inch pizzas
  • HORIZONTAL: Can fit 2 x 18 inch pizzas horizontally
  • VERTICAL: Can be carried vertically for other food delivery items
  • INSULATION: Lined with heat resistant EVA foam filling and food grade PEVA lining, ensuring a hot delivery
  • COMPACT: Can be easily stored when not in use
Exterior Shell 600D PVC lined Polyester 
Item Dimensions 63.5H*48.3L*23.5W/12.7W cm
Item Weight 640 Grams
Material Features EVA Foam (5mm thickness) and food grade PEVA lining

Ergonomic Features

1. Handle is provided; allowing the driver partner to carry out all types of deliveries.

2. Multifunctional bag; easily fold-able and can be inserted into Extra Large Bike Bag.

3. Lightweight material used in the bag to keep the driver partner comfortable.