Large Unbranded Phoenix Window Backpack (Front Loader & Top Loader)

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  • WINDOW BAG: Insert your own logo (printing of logo and logo panel are not included)
  • Keep your food piping hot with this waterproof, insulated delivery backpack with bicycle/motorbike straps
  • TOP LOAD & FRONT LOAD: Easy to access large space
  • CUSTOMISE: Removable divider allows food items to be separated within the bag
  • COMFORT: 15mm extra soft padding on shoulder straps
  • INSULATION: Lined with heat resistant PE foam filling and food grade reflective foil lining, ensuring a hot delivery
  • BIKE HARNESS: Secure Velcro harness with buckles to attach to Bike Pannier Rack.  D-Rings for additional support.
  • COMPACT: Can be easily stored when not in use
  • PIZZA DELIVERY: Large enough for 7 x 14-inch pizzas
  • DURABLE: Water resistant TPU outer shell, ensuring a tear-resistant, high quality backpack

Exterior Shell

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shell

Item Dimensions

40H x 40L x 40W cm 

Item Weight

2400 Grams

Material Features

PE Foam (5mm thickness) and food grade aluminum foil lining

Ergonomic Features

1. Padded shoulders to keep the driver partner comfortable. 

2. A chest strap to distribute the weight of the bag. 

3. Lightweight material used in the bag to keep the driver partner comfortable.